On May 21, 2018 Chief Richard Trigo and Borough Council presented Departmental Awards to Fanwood Police Officers in recognition for outstanding service in 2017.

LIFE SAVING AWARDS    Sgt. Marc Gottlick 

                                                        Ptl. Elliott Bernard (2)

                                                        Ptl. Ryan Gilmore

                                                        Ptl. Michael Rusin


Exceptional Duty Award        Lt. Francisco Marrero

                                                        Ptl. Michael Rusin (2)


Chief's Award                            Ptl. Elliott Bernard


Unit Citation                             Lt. Francisco Marrero

                                                       Lt. Eugene Chin

                                                      Sgt. Anthony Nassau

                                                      Sgt. Marc Gottlick.

                                                      Sgt. Phillip Ugone

                                                      Ptl. Elliott Bernard

                                                      Ptl. Daniel Kranz

                                                      Ptl. Daniel Piccola


In addition, on Fanwood and Scotch Plains police, fire and rescue squad responders were recognized tonight (4/25) at the annual Shield Awards presented by the Knights of Columbus, Father John Nelligan Council, at St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church in Scotch Plains. This event is special because it brings together all police and volunteer first responders from both towns for recognition of their service to our communities.


 Fanwood Officer Elliot Bernard, was recognized for his service in Puerto Rico with a NJ State Police Task Force that helped recovery efforts last fall after Hurricane Maria. Presented by Chief Richard Trigo.