New Jersey State Law Enforcement Officers Association

Our Mission
To secure by legislature or other means the furtherance of recognition of all law enforcement officers and to promote, advance, and encourage the cooperation of all law enforcement, whether employed full-time or part-time. We actively support law enforcement training and training in the use of firearms in New Jersey.

 Valor Award


Awarded to the individual who performs an act while risking his own personal safety where the potential of personal injury is high, or an act of life saving with disregard to personal safety. 

Members of the Fanwood Police Department along with the Scotch Plains Police Department and the Union County Police Department were presented with the Valor Award in connection with an incident occurring in Fanwood, New Jersey on November 21, 2013.  All officers involved were nominated for the award for displaying great restraint and conducting themselves  proficiently and professionally while at great risk.


The Valor Award was presented on March 29, 2014 the following officers:


FANWOOD POLICE DEPARTMENT                                

·         Chief Richard Trigo  

·         Sergeant Marc Gottlick