"Operation Vial File" was launched in Fanwood in order to assist those in need with timely medical attention.  The joint venture was created by the Fanwood Police Department's Community Policing Alliance in partnership with the Quick Chek.


The concept is simple yet effective, since every home contains a refrigerator, the idea of placing crucial medical information inside the vial is key.  In order to save valuable time when emergency personnel respond to a medical assistance call eh valuable information is stored inside a traditional prescription bottle and placed inside the refrigerator door of the resident.  When Police or other medical personnel arrive, they no longer have to search the home for a sheet of paper with crucial information, medical allergies, contact information, etc.  To alert those respond, a sticker is placed on the outside of the refrigerator door which is clearly visible.


Vials are available upon request for any Fanwood resident.  Larger orders may be filled with sufficient notification. You many obtain these valuable vials by contacting Sgt. Jedic at (908) 322-5000 ext. 151.