How do I Commend an Officer?


Citizens, who feel that an officer has performed his duties in an exceptional manner, demonstrating respect, professionalism and competence, may express their appreciation in a number of ways:

·             You may contact the Chief of Police via the contact form below

·              Contact any officer or supervisor at police headquarters at (908) 322-5000

·              Write a letter to the officer, his supervisor or the Chief of Police.


Chief Richard Trigo

Fanwood Police Department

75 North Martine Avenue

Fanwood, NJ 07023


How do I make a complaint against an officer?

Complaints against officer may be made by phone, letter or in person.  Complaints may be directed to any supervisor in the police department by visiting the police desk or by phone to (908) 322-5000.


What happens to my complaint after it is received?

All complaints concerning officer conduct are assigned for investigation through the Internal Affairs Unit.  All complaints are reviewed to determine the nature of the allegation and subsequently investigated.  The complainant will be contacted during the investigation for additional information and to be kept abreast of the investigation.  At the conclusion of the investigation, the complainant will be notified out of outcome of the investigation. 


Compliments and Complaints

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