280-28 Emergency No-Parking Regulations.

280-28  Emergency No-Parking Regulations. 
A. Upon the declaration of an emergency, there shall be no parking upon the streets or sections of streets where temporary emergency no-parking signs are displayed. The Chief of Police or his/her designee is authorized to declare an emergency and to direct the posting of said emergency no-parking signs when weather conditions, accidents, fires, public celebrations or other conditions would create a situation where the parking of vehicles would interfere with the free flow of traffic or create hazards or obstructions. Notification that the emergency no-parking signs are being or will be posted shall be given to the operator or owner of any vehicle which has been parked prior to the posting of said signs. The posting of said signs shall be deemed notice to the owner or operator thereof. [Amended 12-28-1999 by Ord. No. 99-25R] 
B. Any vehicle parked or standing in violation of this article shall be deemed a nuisance and a menace to the safe and proper regulation of traffic, and any police officer may provide for the removal of such vehicle. The owner shall pay the reasonable costs of the removal, and the storage which may result from such removal, before regaining possession of the vehicle. 
C. The signs displayed in furtherance of this article shall conform to the requirements of the Division of Motor Vehicles of the State of New Jersey.