259-22  Snow and ice removal.  [Amended 12-28-1999 by Ord. No. 99-25R] 
A. The owner or owners, tenant or tenants of lands abutting or bordering upon the sidewalks of public streets, avenues, and highways in the Borough shall remove all snow and ice from any sidewalk in front of said land, where said sidewalk constitutes a part or section of another sidewalk or other sidewalks which in turn run continuously for 75 feet or more between street intersections or directly to another sidewalk at right angles to said sidewalk, within 12 hours of daylight after the snow has fallen or formed thereon. Where ice is frozen to the sidewalk, it shall be removed or covered with sand or ashes. 
B. When snow, hail, or ice shall not be removed within 24 hours after it shall have fallen or formed, it shall be removed under the direction of the Director of the Department of Public Works (hereinafter "DPW Director"), and the cost paid and incurred for removing the same shall be certified by the DPW Director to the Council, which shall examine such certificate and, if it be found correct, shall cause the cost as shown above to be charged against the lands abutting or bordering such sidewalk, and the amount so charged shall forthwith become a lien upon said lands and shall be added to and form part of the taxes next to be levied and assessed against said lands and be collected and enforced according to law and shall remain a lien until paid, with interest. [Amended 2-15-2001 by Ord. No. 01-01R]