Pictured: Officer D. Kranz, Court Administrator Joy Veeck, Lt. Francisco Marrero, Officer E. Bernard,

 Girl Scout Angelinia Crespo

MARCH 2016

Selling Girl Scout cookies on their own street in Scotch Plains turned ugly for two little girls in February. But as one of them now says, it was a blessing in disguise.


Angelina Skolar, 9, and her sister Natalie, 12, now have boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies in their dining room, the result of a windfall of orders from a community that reached out after hearing that the girls were verbally abused while going door to door.


“A woman appeared in the street and started yelling at them,” said Sandy Crespo, the girls’ mother. “She started screaming, ‘No one wants your f---ing cookies, get out of here!’”


The disturbing incident prompted Ms. Crespo to lament on social media that the world has come to this—cursing out Girl Scouts selling cookies. Her Facebook post was seen by Dianne Howarth, Administrative Assistant to Fanwood Police Chief Richard Trigo.