The Fanwood 5K starts on Martine Ave. at Mac Lennan Place.
Runners head Northbound to North Ave and turn right, eastbound on North Ave. Go to the North Ave. and Midway intersection and turn left westbound onto Midway Ave.

Continuing on Midway, turn left, southbound, on Martine to North Ave. and turn right, westbound to Sheelan's Crossing Bridge and turn left, southbound over bridge to South ave.

Turn right westbound on South Ave. to Third St. and turn left southbound on Third to Lagrande Ave. and turn right westbound on Lagrande to Helen St. and turn left, southbound on Helen.

From Helen, turn left, eastbound on Coriell to Martine Ave. turning left on Martine Ave. northbound to Lagrande Ave. and turning left on Lagrande Ave. westbound to finish line at Third St.

An interactive course map can be found on Google Maps.  Clicking the map at right loads a larger version.

The Family Fun Run is on a one mile loop starting and ending at LaGrande Park.  Participants can run at their own pace depending on skill, ability and desire.