In 2011 the Fanwood Police Department started the Bike Patrol Unit. This unit was created to foster a personal relationship between the police, business  owners and the community. 


To join the unit, every Officer must complete a week long training session where they receive specialized instruction;  from riding up and down stairways to cone courses and emergency dismounts. Officers who complete this intensive training are capable of a vast array of maneuvers on a mountain bike.


Putting a police officer on a bicycle has many advantages. It makes the officer more approachable to the public without the  shell of a vehicle  forming a barrier between the officer and citizen, allowing for a more informal interaction. This approachability augments the Fanwood Police Department’s commitment to community policing, working in partnership with the community we serve.  Another advantage is the bicycle also attracts children to Officers, which creates a learning situation for safe riding discussions and lasting relationships.