Employment Opportunities



Successful candidates will assume patrol duties to include, under regular supervision, basic law enforcement duties in accordance with the mission, goals and objectives of the Fanwood Police Department and in compliance with governing federal, state and local laws. The Borough of Fanwood offers a rewarding career in a progressive and professional environment. The Borough provides liberal benefits, including paid vacation, paid holidays, major medical and dental insurance, sick leave and State Pension Plan.


No person shall be appointed as a member of the Police Department unless he/she shall possess the following qualifications:

A.    Be able to read, write and speak the English language well and intelligently;

B.     Be a citizen of the United States and a resident of New Jersey, except as provided in N.J.S.A. 40A:14-123.1;

C.     Never have been convicted of any criminal offense involving moral turpitude;

D.    Be not less than 21 years nor over 35 years of age, except as otherwise set forth in N.J.S.A. 40A:14-127 and 40A:14-127.1;

E.     Be of good health and sound body as shown by a certificate of the examining physician and psychologist as provided in § 67-4 and sufficient to satisfy the Board of Trustees of the Police and Firemen's Retirement System of New Jersey as to the person's eligibility for membership in the retirement system;

F.      Be of good moral character; and

G.    Possess a valid New Jersey driver's license.


*** Finalists must undergo a background investigation, medical examination, psychological examination and                                     pass a drug test.


A.    Regular and special police officers appointed pursuant to this chapter shall constitute and be recognized and obeyed as the Borough Police. The duties and powers of police officers shall be those prescribed or conferred by New Jersey law, by the Borough Code, and by the rules and regulations and/or bylaws governing the police established from time to time by the Mayor and Council, by the Public Safety Committee, and/or by the Chief of Police.

B.     Police officers shall be faithful and diligent in preserving the peace; preventing breaches of the peace and crimes about to be committed; detecting offenders, and, when appropriate, bringing formal charges against offenders for violation of any federal or state laws, or this Borough Code; protecting the rights of persons and property; maintaining decorum and morality in public places and public assemblages; and in rendering timely and efficient aid and protection in all cases.

C.     Policemen shall serve all warrants of a criminal nature issued by the Municipal Court.

D.    Police officers may report any defects in the streets or sidewalks which they might observe. Police officers shall report anything observed by them likely to cause a danger to the public.



Resumes can be submitted via email to diannehowarth@fanwoodpolice.org or mailed to the Fanwood Police Department at 75 North Martine Avenue, Fanwood, NJ 07023 Attn: Patrol Commander.

Upon completion of resume review, selected candidates will be contacted for interviews.



Deadline for resume submission is October 25, 2018.