Fanwood residents should be aware that the Fanwood Policeman’s Benevolent Association Local # 123, conducts its one and only fund drive by mail. At no time does the Fanwood PBA solicit via the telephone, we only utilize our decal drive as our means of support.


We suggest the following:


1. If you receive any telephone calls from a person or organization representing themselves as a “PBA” fund raiser, DO NOT give out any personal information, credit card numbers or any other private records.


2. Any organization that uses the telephone and states they are raising money for your police department is not being truthful. The organization may be collecting funds illegitimately or doing so on behalf of a group that does not serve the Borough.


3. Bullet-proof vest drives and similar equipment concerns when conducted by the Fanwood PBA or by the Fanwood Police Department are always well publicized and if there is ever a question of authenticity never hesitate calling the Police Department to make sure.


4. If someone does call you, try to ascertain their name, address and call back telephone number. If they are a legitimate organization they will have no problem providing those details. Remember, even if they are legitimate they may not serve the area you reside in.


5. The Fanwood PBA, Local # 123 is the ONLY benevolent association that serves Fanwood and all of its residents. As always, we thank you for your continuing support and hope this information has cleared up any confusion and concerns.


 The Fanwood Policeman’s Benevolent Association-Local #123

Professional Service for the Residents and Visitors of Fanwood