The Value of a Nosey Neighbor

“The best friend a resident can have."    


It’s 2:00pm and you’re home, relaxing on the couch. Suddenly, you see someone walking around the outside of your next door neighbors home. You watch curiously because the person is someone you’re not familiar with. Perhaps he’s the meter reader, maybe, but why wasn’t YOUR house checked? Maybe he’s delivering a package, but maybe he isn’t!


You know your neighbor well, and this isn’t his son or any friend you recognize. You ask yourself, “maybe I should call the police?”, and then you think “no, they’ll think I’m a nuisance, crying wolf”. Well we can’t ask any stronger MAKE THE CALL!


Making the Call:


MAKE THE CALL each and every time something arouses your suspicion. The Fanwood Police Department IS here to serve you and all of your neighbors. We can not stress enough the importance of early detection when it comes to crimes like burglary or theft. Even with motorized patrols, the odds of being able to spot a criminal in the actual act of breaking into a home is rare. Sure, heavy patrols can deter someone from committing a crime in the first place and we are often successful in apprehending someone after the fact. Often diligent investigative work, tips and contact with the suspect shortly after a crime can lead to an arrest. However, NOTHING works as well as early information.


As responding police, we are trained to arrive, assess, and decide which is a real crime or incident and which isn’t. Maybe the person you saw does have a legitimate reason for walking around the perimeter of your neighbor's home. If they do, being checked by the police is easily explained to them and rarely causes resentment. If they’re not there with good intent, it can and has stopped a crime and better yet, led to the arrest of criminals bent on entering a home.


Perhaps the best advice is this, CALL and don’t delay calling. We are ready and trained to take action. NEVER take action yourself, it can be dangerous. Timely notification is the key. Remember this advice: If it looks or sounds suspicious, it probably is. Providing us with a good description of the person(s), direction of travel, vehicle information and any other details you can, will help us tremendously. You can even do so anonymously if you feel awkward. We encourage providing your name in case of future or follow up contact, but we will never turn away your call in either case.


For Police-Fire or Medical Emergencies call 9-1-1  in all other cases dial 908-322-5000.


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