Skateboard Requirements and Safety


Rules of the Road

Skateboarders and rollerbladers have the same rights as pedestrians and must obey the same rules. You must obey all traffic control signs and signals. This includes posted speed limits, stop signs, and other traffic signs.

Skateboarders and rollerbladers cannot ride on any bridge or highway over-crossing unless a sidewalk is provided and a sign is posted stating that you can use it.

Safety First!

Before riding, always check the area where you’ll be riding for potholes, bumps, rocks and any other debris. Check your skateboard or rollerblades for hazards, such as loose, broken, or cracked parts.

While riding your skateboard or rollerblades you should never leave the sidewalk or freestyle down your driveway into the street. This could result in serious injury. The same is true at intersections. Although vehicles are required to stop at intersections so that pedestrians can cross the street, they may not always see you in time to stop and avoid an accident.

Protective Gear

Always wear protective gear, such as helmets, wristguards, and elbow and knee pads. This will reduce the number and severity of injuries. When choosing protective gear look for comfort, design and function. In a helmet, for example, look for proper fit and a chin strap and make sure the helmet does not block your vision and hearing.

Ride Safe! Ride Smart! Your Safety Depends On It.