TOP 1O Ways To Keep Fanwood Roads Safe

Here are 10 ways to help make Fanwood roads safer.

  1. Buckle up! It's the law.
    • Buckle up with a properly fastened seat belt no matter how short the journey.
    • Protect children travelling in your vehicle. Use child safety seats according to manufacturer's instructions.
    • Make sure teenagers buckle up.
  2. Keep your hands on the wheel
    • Keep your mind on the task at hand. Pull over to talk if you are using a cellular phone. Driving isn't the time to be shaving, putting on make-up, or eating your lunch.
  3. Stay alert
    • Check traffic in all directions before entering an intersection.
    • Watch for pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists and children playing.
  4. Obey the speed limit
    • Slow down when road and weather conditions are poor.
  5. Give yourself a space cushion
    • Leave space around your vehicle so you have room to stop or maneuver in an emergency.
  6. Always check your blind spot
    • Look in your mirrors and shoulder check before you change lanes.
    • Be aware of other drivers blind spots. Can they see you?
  7. Yield the right-of-way
    • If in doubt, let the other driver go first.
  8. Reduce your risks
    • Practice courtesy at all times. Share the road. Don't cut people off or make sudden lane changes.
    • Obey traffic control devices. A stop sign means come to a complete STOP.
    • Be cautious when approaching intersections.
    • A yellow light means clear the intersection - NOT try to beat the light.
    • Make yourself visible. Day or night, always turn your headlights on, use your running lights, and make sure your tail lights are working..
    • Use your signal lights so others on the road know what you're going to do.
    • Don't follow too close.
  9. Make the smart choice -- Drive alert
    • Alcohol, medication, fatigue or stress affect your driving. Drive only when you are fully alert.
  10. Have your vehicle serviced regularly
    • A well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle.